The First Smartwatch With Jerry's 2-In-1 Chip SMA-F13, New Launch Smartwatch 2022
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   The smartwatch manufacturer "Shenzhen Smart Care Technology Limited" (SMA) recently launched a new high-performance Bluetooth talking watch "F13", and this article will focus on this smartwatch's major breakthrough in the use of chips. The F13B smartwatch is SMA's first Jerry dual Bluetooth chip smart watch.

   According to the performance of our AC chip, our F13 smartwatch with BT5.3+3.0 dual-mode Bluetooth AC chip is more suitable for the current consumer group than the chips we have used in the past, in terms of performance, display and even price.

1.Performance Enhancement

   Our previous smartwatches have up to 448KB RAM, 90MHz CPU main frequency, and no 2D acceleration function.

   However, our latest smartwatch is equipped with AC 7012A chip, which has 640KB RAM and 192MHz CPU, and supports 2D acceleration.

   The performance improvement of a certain item may not be obvious to the performance of smart devices, but the AC chip allows our smart watches to run with more RAM, higher CPU main frequency and support 2D acceleration, which is enough for consumers to have a clear perception of the product performance improvement.

2.Smoother Graphics

   In terms of screen fluency, our previous smart watches can only do at most about 40Hz refresh rate, but the smart watch with AC 7012A chip can reach 60Hz refresh rate; the refresh rate is higher.

   With a refresh rate of 40 frames per second compared to 60 frames per second, the AC7012A chip allows our smartwatches to display a clearer and more fluid picture.

3.BT5.3+3.0, Dual-Mode Bluetooth, more stable one-touch connection

   The smartwatch equipped with AC 7012A chip supports Bluetooth version 5.3, dual-mode Bluetooth one-touch connection, which is more low consumption, convenient and stable.

   Compared with 5.2 Bluetooth, the 5.3 Bluetooth version has the following advantages:

Low rate connection

   Bluetooth 5.3 allows low-power rate signals to be used as well.

   Mainly in some medical functions, the emergence of 5.3 Bluetooth greatly optimizes the medical monitoring work.

Encryption control enhancement

   For some open signals such as access control, commercial lighting and other devices, Bluetooth 5.3 improves their encryption key length control options, increasing security.

   It is also faster when it comes to connectivity due to simpler administrator control.

Periodic Broadcast Enhancements

   Bluetooth 5.2 is required to broadcast periodically to connected devices.

   And Bluetooth 5.3 will improve broadcast stability so that more can be done with broadcast time.

4.Unique noise reduction algorithm

   AC7012 has a separate call noise reduction algorithm, which makes our smartwatch calls clearer and audio playback better.

1.85-inch IPS high-definition full-touch display with dual buttons with rotary button design

   The 1.85-inch IPS HD full-touch display with extremely narrow bezels and a 25% larger display area makes the overall experience much better. Various contents are more clear at a glance, and various operations are more comfortable.

   Tempered glass + film FILM material touch screen, high strength, high hardness, good light transmission, ultra-thin; global glass industry standard bearer, Japan Asahi Glass to do the film texture transparent and beautiful; with AC chip 60Hz refresh rate, whether colorful or simple style, it can perfectly show.

   The two-button design, with a beautifully rotating crown, allows every touch to go straight to the fingertips through vibrating feedback.

Dual-mode Bluetooth, one key connection

   The F13B supports Bluetooth calling function, so you can make calls and check call records without your phone around; always online, giving your loved ones an extra peace of mind.

   F13B is equipped with the latest two-in-one AC chip, in addition to dual-mode Bluetooth one-key link, ACa two-in-one chip has a separate call noise reduction algorithm, the call effect is clearer, better audio playback effect.

37 sports modes give you more dynamic choices

   Facilitate efficient exercise, with 37 sports modes, you can switch according to your own sports needs, with the heart, scientific planning. Adopt high precision motion sensor, continuous optimization of positioning algorithm, accurate recording of steps, distance, calories, consumption, and heart rate monitoring.

   According to different modes of scientific detection, with professional sports algorithm, real-time sports data, accurate monitoring and analysis of heart rate, exercise time and consumption, to help you improve the efficiency of sports. Connected to the cell phone GPS positioning, accurate recording of sports trajectory.

   (At present SMA can support up to customize more than 100 different sports modes)

Intelligent monitoring, 24/7 health management

7*24 hours dynamic heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen, sleep, stress and many other body data, help you understand the state of health in many aspects.

   Built-in optical heart rate sensor, equipped with professional intelligent heart rate algorithm, 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring, view heart rate curve.

   F13 intelligent measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), accurate detection of the body's blood oxygen saturation, to keep track of your body changes; all-weather sleep monitoring, asleep, light sleep, awake, all can be monitored and recorded.

   More health functions such as blood pressure monitoring, pressure monitoring, breathing training, women's health and other functions are all available.

   All data will be automatically synced to your phone after connecting to the APP (Smart-Time Pro), allowing you to keep track of your health status.

   Supports importing Google Fit & Apple Health & Strava.

One-touch wake-up Voice Assistant

   Support Android version 5.0 or above & IOS version 10.0 or above (such as Siri, Google Voice, Xiao Bu, Xiao Ai, Xiao Yi...)

100+ Cloud Watch Dial & Custom Watch Dial

   Nearly 100 kinds of cool dials are available in the APP (Smart-Time Pro) dial marketplace for you to choose from.

   A variety of personalized dial customization options for you to explore.

More smart alert functions/health monitoring/independent functions/personalized settings, looking forward to your exploration...

(For more information, please click "SMA F13" and we look forward to hearing from you)

Video of SMA F13 smartwatch review by Brazilian friends

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