Wear And Care
Our products are designed to be worn throughout the day, so here are a few brief guidelines for you to wear and your smart device:
Keep It Clean
  Regularly clean your band and wrist—especially after working out, sweating, or exposing your skin to substances like soaps and lotions, which can get trapped beneath the watch.
  To clean your watches, do not use household cleansers. Instead, use a soapless cleanser, rinse well, and dry it off with a soft towel.
  For tough spots or stains, scrub with a wet soft-bristled toothbrush, and then follow the steps above.

Stay Dry

  While SMA devices are water resistant, it's not good to keep a wet band on your skin for long periods of time.
  If your band gets wet—like after sweating or showering—rinse and dry it thoroughly before putting it back on your wrist.
  Be sure your skin is dry before you put your band back on.
Wear It In A Right Way
  Make sure the bracelet / watch / thermometer is not too tight.
  Do not wear the bracelet too tight, it should be able to move back and forth at the wrist.
  When wearing the body temperature stick, only the sensor head is close to the skin.
  If you use the heart rate bracelet to record the heart rate of the whole day, the bracelet should be placed flat at the width of one finger above the carpal bone. In order to better view the data during more active exercise, you should wear the bracelet at the width of about 2-3 fingers above the carpal bone. If you use the temperature stick to detect the body temperature of your baby, you should place the temperature stick fixed with glue or bandage near the armpit of your baby.
  Long time rubbing and binding may irritate your skin, so after wearing for a long time, take off the bracelet / temperature stick and give the skin a rest time.
Bluetooth Occasionally Disconnects Or Fails To Connect

  Please ensure that your mobile phone system version is compatible with the corresponding APP. Android system version 5.1 or above, IOS system version 9.0 or above; mobile devices with the latest operating systems may need to turn on both Bluetooth and GPS for initial connection or use of some functions, if necessary, please Manually turn on GPS according to your phone to ensure connection;

  The distance between the mobile phone and the watch device is too far, or there are too many obstacles in the middle, which will affect the Bluetooth connection. The distance between the devices should be kept within 10 meters, and there are no large or complicated obstacles to ensure a normal and stable connection;

  If there is a disconnection during use, please check whether the Bluetooth is normally turned on, whether the APP has Bluetooth authorization, and whether the APP has background operation authorization.

Mobile APP And Watch Data Are Out Of Sync
  Please check whether the Bluetooth connection between the devices is normal, and whether the mobile APP has background operation authorization. Some mobile phones may need to turn on Bluetooth and GPS at the same time to ensure normal connection and use.
Do you need to turn on bluetooth during use?

  If you want the watch to synchronize your various health and exercise data in real time, or need to use real-time synchronization functions such as message reminders, call reminders, etc., you need to keep Bluetooth turned on and connected stably. If you do not keep the connection, you cannot synchronize the received information. Motion and health data will be synced every time you connect to Bluetooth;

  Such as dial-up push, alarm clock, drinking water reminder, etc., when the connection is completed, the synchronization is completed, and the disconnection will not affect these settings.

Messages and calls received on the phone are not received on the watch.
  Please maintain a normal and stable Bluetooth connection between the devices, check whether the mobile APP has background operation authorization, and whether the corresponding APP's message reminder function is enabled in the APP settings.
Can I swim or take a bath with my watch on?
  For watches with IP68 waterproof rating, you can wear them while swimming or showering, but please do not wear them in hot baths or contact corrosive liquids, and do not soak in hot water! Note: Due to daily use or improper maintenance, the waterproof effect may be reduced. Therefore, free after-sales service cannot be provided for equipment caused by water ingress.
Why doesn't my watch's pedometer count or be accurate when I start walking?

  Please check whether the watch is worn correctly, the best way to wear the watch is behind the wrist bone, the strap is tight and comfortable, and the sensor boss can be close to the skin, allowing the sensor to work properly without affecting comfort;

  The pedometer of the watch is run by the sensor and algorithm in the watch, and the information such as height and weight is an important part of the algorithm, so be sure to fill in the real information to ensure accuracy; the sensor will detect the swinging motion of the arm to work. Therefore, please Do not repeatedly raise your wrist to check the watch data or keep raising your hand while walking, so as not to affect the normal operation of the device. Instead, maintain a normal and natural swing to ensure the accuracy of the data;

  The algorithm will reduce the error caused by swinging the arm when not walking. So the initial step count is 10 steps from the actual step count, so the step count may not be counted when you start walking.

There is a discrepancy between the recorded sleep time and the actual time.
  First, make sure you're wearing the watch correctly; sleep monitoring works like a pedometer. Sensors detect arm movement and heart rate data to generate sleep data, so don't deliberately lift your wrist to view data when you're just lying down; Turning over or hand movements cause errors, data delay may occur after waking up, and the final data will be fed back after the algorithm calculation is completed.
Why isn't the watch showing or updating weather information?
  Please check the weather information update in the APP settings and whether the GPS is turned on. Some mobile phones may need to manually turn on the GPS positioning or manually select the city due to different mobile phone system versions. In addition, please ensure that the Bluetooth connection between the devices is normal, or whether the connection has been made recently. Synchronize through the watch and APP. If the connection is abnormal or has not been synchronized for a long time, please connect to Bluetooth to synchronize.
Why does the watch fail to charge or charge malfunctions?
  Please check whether the charging head is properly connected, and whether the USB port is properly connected; if the charging cable has not been used for a long time, please wipe the charging cable and the charging contacts of the watch with a tissue or dry cloth.
What should I do if there is a bug in the mobile APP or watch software?
  Please check whether the APP or watch firmware is the latest version in the mobile APP settings. If there is a new version, please update it in time to solve the BUG; due to the abundance of mobile phone models on the market, a few models may have individual adaptation problems. If you are in the latest version If you encounter a bug in the software version, please report it to us and we will fix it as soon as possible.
There is a hardware problem with the watch, how to apply for after-sales service?
  For retail customers who do not purchase directly from our company, please contact your seller directly and provide corresponding pictures or video materials for after-sales; customers who purchase directly from our company, please contact your sales manager and give feedback on what you have encountered Problems for after-sales service; in the case of non-artificial damage, we provide a free warranty for watches with hardware defects. The free warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase